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AQUADEFENDER™ Penetrating Seal is designed to seal and minimize grain raise, while providing a level, high-build base. The exceptional gloss and clarity of this formula enhances the depth of AQUADEFENDER Wood Floor Finish. For added gloss and adhesion penetrating sealer may be crosslinked using CROSSLINX’R.

Characteristics: High build, Fast drying, Easy to apply, Non-yellowing, Non-offending odor, V.O.C. compliant (

Recommended For: Basketball, Racquetball, Volleyball, Multi-Purpose, Stages, Aerobics, Dance Floors

Coverage: 500 square feet per gallon

Open Time: Excellent; ideal for large gym floors

Dry Time: 2-3 hours; crosslinked product has an 8-hour potlife

Cure Time: 80% after 24 hours; 100% after 1 week

Leveling: Excellent, with great open time and flow

Application Tools: T-Bar Applicator

Packaging: 5 Gallon Pails